I'm in need of medicine...

...something strong that'll work real fast.

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and i was like fuck shoes...well...soci 206 really
so i just realized i have a test in soci tomorrow
and i was like okay
and then i look at the book
and the readings are like 24052452 pages long a piece
granted i have the questions to the test
but this is complex
and each question has like 5 questions in it
im looking at like every study guide on the web
even paid for something
and for the marx stuff yeah i can find things
but i doubt ill be able too for the weber article and the durkheim one
son of a bitch
why couldnt i just have passed soci 205 last semester.?
that was like multiple choice shit
not fuckign eassy everything
reading intensive
and papers every other week
i think im gonna cry
i have to not get behind on shit anymore
i really need to pull it together
im staying up all night to study and read and writing as small as possible bc i get to use a page of notes
my eyes hurt
and i need to wash my hair
im so gonna need to get laid tomorrow after this fucking test
thats for damn sure
and then i have an agronomy quiz wednesday
and i need to read alllllll that shit
and then an anthropolgy test friday
which im wayyyyyyyyyy behind on that reading
and the study guide is like three pages
and has everything and the kitchen sink on it
why couldnt i just have gone to community college?
*smacks head on desk*



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